With Yogi Window, we’ll remove all the streaks and grime and replace it with spic and shine! We believe cleaning windows and screens by hand means superior quality and shine, so we use traditional mops and squeegees, all while using organic and environmentally friendly products. It is recommended to clean your windows and screens every three months on the outside and clean the inside every 6-12 months. Some like to have their outside windows cleaned every month or every other month, while others want it done 1-2 times a year. Whichever the case may be, we can tailor the cleaning schedule to whatever fits your needs best!


Your windows play an impactful role when determining your home’s curb appeal. Here at Yogi Window, we strive to deliver your home’s best window cleaning solutions with fast, efficient, and safe products. We understand that not everyone will want the same kind of service, so we also offer the option to create your cleaning schedule that fits your needs best. So get your home’s windows sparkling clean with Yogi Window.

Outside ONLY: $2.50 per window pane + $20 base fee
Outside AND Inside: $5.00 per pane + $40 base fee
*Tracks and frames are always included for free.

Solar Panel Cleaning: $5 per panel
Solar Panel Heavy Cleaning: $7.50 per panel
Screens with UV protectant: 3 for $10


Whether it comes to selling a product or setting up meetings with executives, you must ensure your commercial building invites your targeted group by shining outward. For buildings and storefronts alike, Yogi Window offers routine maintenance and cleaning for windows with biweekly, monthly, and bimonthly schedules at a discounted rate! In addition, our commercial window cleaning services will guarantee a streak and stain-free establishment! 

We always clean inside of front doors

Tape & sticker removal? $5 per panel


Keeping your window screen clean is necessary to prevent critters from coming in and promote proper ventilation. At Yogi Window, screens are cleaned using a soap bath and pressure washer and treated with a finishing product that leaves them as shiny and clean as your windows! Our finishing treatment will also give your screens UV protection to ensure they stay secure in the desert sun.

Sunscreens: $5 – $10 depending on the size and if they require UV protectant applied.
Screens with UV protectant: 3 for $10.
*Sliding screen doors count as two windows.

Hard Water Removal

Your windows are at the forefront regarding hard water stains and mineral buildup from the outside elements. With our hard water removal service, we’ll remove even the toughest stains and any hardened paint or cement left from careless construction or paint jobs. Then, using our sure-fire solutions alongside our premium products, your windows will be left as clear as day!

Cement, paint, and hard water removal: Double/Triple-Priced.

Solar Panel Cleaning: $5 per panel
Solar Panel Heavy Cleaning: $7.50 per panel

*For every service, second-story windows are double-priced.
*$75 minimum for non-monthly customers.

"I strive to have a business where customers expect and receive the best when they turn to Yogi Window Cleaning."